2011 – 2016: How interventions have changed in One-Eighty over the years

‘How interventions have changed at One-Eighty’


The end of 2016 will mark One-Eighty’s 6th year working with vulnerable children, young people and families. As a team we are excited to celebrate the positive changes that the charity has undergone since its birth as a result of the support provided by those working directly with the young people and families, the trustees, external donors, and other service providers – thank you! One of the most significant changes the charity has undergone is the way in which interventions are carried out as a result of the team responding to updated research, in addition to bridging the gaps that have been left by cuts in educational and supportive local authority services.


One-Eighty’s initial focus was to support small groups of young people who were showing early signs of disengaging from education; persistently demonstrating a disruptive attitude in class and struggling to focus on work set (the Raise The BAR programme – see www.one-eighty.org.uk for more information). These groups were led by staff with supportive volunteers using the Critical Thinking theory, which encouraged young people to use methods of Socratic Questioning to reflect on their behaviour and make effective change following an understanding of the triggers. Following the success of the programme (76% of young people re-engaged with education following attendance of the programme) and providing a written report of the charities findings, a demand for working individually on 1:1 interventions was requested by various schools and local authorities.


This demand was exciting for the charity but also highlighted that more consistent staff were required to work and manage the referrals made. This turned One-Eighty’s focus to recruit professionals who had experience working with vulnerable individuals and who had a passion to ‘turn lives around.’ As the charity developed relationships with a variety of primary, secondary and special schools across the county, it became apparent that there was a crucial need to work holistically in order to support the changes of behaviour more sustainably. Additionally, the behaviours that staff became exposed to suggested that the classroom was not the only environment that was being affected. As a result of such assessments, One-Eighty now offers support for parents/carers and school staff; through training and supervision, in addition to the individual young people themselves. This typically spans across an intensive 7-week period, consisting of 9 hours of support from a varied team of One-Eighty professionals (for example; teachers, DBT trained professionals, mental & emotional health professionals, youth workers) working towards achieving SMART targets with the families to make sustainable behavioural changes.


One-Eighty are constantly evolving and developing which is illustrated through up to date research being implemented, along with evaluating sessions and the service on a regular basis. We are look forward to continue providing holistic support as we approach the end of the academic year, and have already started our preparations for the upcoming Summer Projects and referrals received for the next academic year.


Our service remains successful mainly due to the fantastic support we receive from our volunteers in addition to our vastly experienced team whom strive to support vulnerable young people and their families on a short-term, but intensive basis.


Susie Besant

Director of Interventions

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