Advanced Skills in Education Conference 2016


The Advanced Skills in Education Conference, Oxford, is nearly here. On October 17th from 9am-4.45pm we will be profiling 14 seminars and 15 different speakers, looking at psychology skills you can learn and then deliver with your young people.

This is not aiming to be like any other conference. We want everyone who attends to be able to come away with skills that they can learn and deliver the very next day with your young people and families in the settings you work in.


We are so excited about our line-up. So far, we can confirm the following speakers:

Dr. Simon Lewis – assistant service lead of CAMHS and founder of FRESH

Dr. David Colley – Senior lecturer at Oxford Brookes University specialising in Children with behavioural and learning difficulties

Dr Gaby Illingworth – The Oxford University Sleep Studies Centre

Dr Rachel Sharman – Oxford University –  A specialist in child adolescent development.

Dr. Farzaneh Yarzani – A specialist focusing on the psychosocial aspects of Occupational Therapy

Johnny Latham – The director of One-Eighty and CBT therapist, winner of the Oxford University Social Impact award.

Ellie Overton –An occupational therapist with a focus on how families impact children

Mark Keep – A sports psychologist with a focus of motivation, resilience and growth mindsets

Matthew Watt – Head teacher at Tyndale school, with a specific interest in using technology in schools.


Other speakers confirmed include:

Nina Bawden

Nathan Fortune

Katrina Morgan

Emily Jones

Jennifer Smith



Out of the fourteen 45-minute workshops, you will be able to pick up to seven to attend over the course of the day.

To buy your ticket please click below.


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