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Impression Management

Many if not all people manage the impressions that others have of us from time to time. We think about what clothes we wear to certain occasions and how we would like to come across. We sometimes selectively choose which information to give out about oneself, and will often change our language in front of […]

A (Relatively) New Team Member

I joined the team at One-Eighty in May 2015, having previously worked in a residential children’s home in Aylesbury. Originally from Oxford, I went to Bangor University in North Wales to study Psychology for my undergraduate degree, before completing my Masters in Sport & Exercise Psychology at the same university. My enthusiasm for the subject […]

Quick Case Study

Ben, 8 One-Eighty were asked to work with Ben and his family to help him manage his anxieties linked to school. Ben was at the point of exclusion due to his aggressive outbursts in school and had poor attendance. The school were managing his behaviour by providing 1:1 TA support outside of the classroom but […]

Fundraising for One-Eighty

With all the preparations finally complete, Lizzie and I set off from Oxford at 7am on Saturday morning (after a surprise meeting with Johnny, who gave us a few extra supplies, which came in very useful), feeling optimistic and confident we would be able to complete this challenge without too much bother. The conditions early […]

Where are all the Men?

One-Eighty has recently advertised for 2 new job roles, and out of the applicants that made applications for both positions, only 10% of them were men. Now this isn’t an isolated event. Of all the job applications that One-Eighty have received over the past year, the vast majority have been women. Speaking to some of […]


Safe use of the internet is an issue that regularly comes up in our work with young people. The internet is great and there are so many positive ways to use it, from connecting with friends to learning something new. However there are also a lot of risks. 91% of children live in a house […]

Learning How to Support Others to do the Same

My name is Lydia and I am currently a Social Work Student at One-Eighty. I attend Oxford Brookes University and am in my second year of study. I started at One-Eighty in January 2015 and have already learnt so much about working with young people. My previous experience had been in working with adults so […]

Dialogue is at the Heart of the Human

Dialogue is at the heart of the human.  Without it, we are not fully formed – there is a yawning abyss inside.  With it, we have the possibility of our uniqueness, and our most human qualities emerging.” (Hycner and Jacobs, 1995, p.ix) It seems we live in a world in which the importance of relationship […]

Meet Lydia, One-Eighty’s Social Work Student

Hello! My name is Lydia and I am Social Work Student at One-Eighty. I am currently studying for BA Social Work at Oxford Brookes. I am originally from Essex, but moved to Oxford to study Social Work and is now am now in my second year of study. I have always had a passion for […]

But… do you know what Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) and Conduct Disorder (CD) even means?

One-Eighty is working with schools in Oxfordshire to understand more about Oppositional Defiance Disorder and Conduct Disorder, and how mainstream schools can introduce preventative support to limit its development. But… do you know what Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) and Conduct Disorder (CD) even means? Perhaps one of the biggest problems creating a gap between mental health services and schools is […]