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At the start of 2016 the UK government published a white paper outlining their mental health objectives for young people, and the specific targets schools should aim toward. This was added to in January 2017, with additional expectations for schools to form partnerships with charities and existing mental health providers to create schools that are fully up […]

Mindset, Grit, Resilience – The New Eskimo Snow?

Mindset, Grit, Resilience – The New Eskimo Snow? In the 1880s, anthropologist Franz Boaz was travelling in Northern Canada, living with a local Inuit tribe. He noted that that they had many words to describe snow. Amongst them was ‘aqilokoq’ which describes soft snow and ‘piegnartoq’ which details ‘snow that is good for driving a […]

Using ‘thinking hats’ and dialectics

Thinking differently unlocks new ways of working: Using ‘thinking hats’ and dialectics One-Eighty interventions require young people and families to try new approaches and look at alternative ways of viewing things. It seems only fair then that One-Eighty staff have been developing new ways of thinking too and now know just how it feels to […]

Advanced Skills in Education Conference 2016

The Advanced Skills in Education Conference, Oxford, is nearly here. On October 17th from 9am-4.45pm we will be profiling 14 seminars and 15 different speakers, looking at psychology skills you can learn and then deliver with your young people. This is not aiming to be like any other conference. We want everyone who attends to […]

Why foster carers can learn to hate school?

Why foster carers can learn to hate school?   I bet you’re as surprised as I was to find out that out of everyone we spoke to, foster carers hated learning the most. That was about 50% more than the children we spoke to who also said that they didn’t enjoy learning. But what did […]

What we do: a case study

Case Study: Elizabeth Elizabeth was referred to One-Eighty by the Virtual College for Looked After Children Hounslow due to a lack of engagement and interest whilst she was at school. Making limited academic progress and attaining low results, Elizabeth had difficulty completing homework and would regularly be placed into detention. Getting into trouble was exciting […]

Four things I learned while volunteering for One-Eighty

Four Things – by Annie  I started volunteering for One-Eighty because I wanted to help young people who were struggling at school, just like I once did. Over the past two years I’ve had the chance to assist with individual interventions, help run the Kick Start programme and get involved in training. Here are just […]