Quick Case Study

Ben, 8

One-Eighty were asked to work with Ben and his family to help him manage his anxieties linked to school. Ben was at the point of exclusion due to his aggressive outbursts in school and had poor attendance. The school were managing his behaviour by providing 1:1 TA support outside of the classroom but this was unsustainable and Ben was missing out on social interaction with other children, as well as some of the academic learning.

One-Eighty worked with Ben in a responsive and flexible way by adjusting the number of sessions he had each week according to his changing need. The work focussed on improving his morning routine before school and teaching him about emotions. One-Eighty were also able to provide CBT based intervention for his family to support them in managing their own anxieties and behaviour which were having an impact on Ben’s behaviour.

One-Eighty were able to support school staff in the effective implementation of strategies and support mechanisms which were key to Ben’s successful reintegration. Over the course of the intervention Ben went from missing out on significant parts of his academic life to returning to school full time feeling empowered and supported.

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