Jake, 15
One-Eighty was asked to work with Jake by his school because he had been refusing to attend after having a number disagreements with his peers. He would also not listen to guidance from his family as they also shared a volatile relationship with him as well. The school were concerned that Jake had missed a lot of school work, which ultimately was affecting his opportunities to succeed in his upcoming GCSE’s.
Whilst One-Eighty completed the assessment, there was a complete breakdown in the family home and Jake moved to live with his 2nd cousin until his mother was ready to support him again. At this point, the concerns were changed to what effect his cousin would have on Jake, because he himself has not had a good school attendance record.
Over the 7-week period, the One-Eighty team were able to offer support to both Jake and his cousin and eventually encouraged both to re-engage with education. In addition to this, One-Eighty worked on positive activities in group settings, so that Jake would feel comfortable in a classroom again. By the end of the intervention, Jake was able to complete all of his GCSE’s and returned to live with his parents.

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