Self-Soothe – Taming the Internal Volcano

During a session with a young person recently, One-Eighty were talking about emotions and behaviours and they announced “I am never ever getting angry again!”.  This statement got us thinking……….is it realistic to think that we can regulate our emotions so much so that nothing actually angers us? Logic says that this would be near on impossible as everyone has a limit, however, we can be more mindful of the triggers that make us angry and do something about our emotions before they boil over.

Self-Soothe Toolkit

At One-Eighty, we work with lots of young people who find regulating their emotions very tricky. One of the techniques we use to facilitate self-soothing in young people is to create their very own individual toolkit.  To make one of your own, simply follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1 – Make a list of all the things you enjoy doing that creates a relaxing feeling using all the senses (i.e. vision, taste, touch, hearing, smell and movement). Next, think of other examples and situations that you can use the senses to regulate your emotions that are natural and portable (e.g. listening to your favourite song/lyric).

Step 2 – Create an individual self-regulation strategy to trial for each of the senses for example:


Vision – (e.g. photos of your loved ones)

    Taste – (e.g. a packet of mints)


Touch – (e.g. hand cream


    Hearing – (e.g. listening to music)

    Smell – (e.g. wearing your favourite perfume)

    Movement – (e.g. go for a walk/run/dance)

Step 3 –Think about all of the senses above and consider something else you could try, and then put it into practice! You can then use this as gentle reminder when you are having a day where you need to lift your mood. Or if you are having a stressful day and need to calm yourself down, you have some skills and strategies to help yourself.

The skill generally, is to discover and become more aware of what works for you personally and then make sure you have the time to implement this into your every day life. It will help to promote a happier, healthier and more balanced well-being.

For more information on self-soothing and/or if you have an individual you think would benefit from the services of One-Eighty, please contact us via the website or call the office on 01865 236869.

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