What’s it like to be on placement with One-Eighty?

I’m Cally, and I’m writing this blog to give you first hand insight to being a Social Work Student on placement with One-Eighty.

I can honestly say that this placement has been incredible; not only on a professional level but also on a personal level- as I have learnt new skills  that I reckon will be with me for life. Even though some cases are more challenging than others, an instinct kicks in where you aim to do your best to protect these young people and help them to succeed. Even seeing the slightest glimmer of improvement makes every second of that case worthwhile. Already the idea of working with young people (especially in the looked after children / leaving care sector) is appealing to me.

Along with taking into account the current issues the young person is presenting, One-Eighty takes a holistic approach to find out more about the young person’s past and their functioning in day to day life. This ensures that each intervention is tailored to meet the individual’s needs.

One-Eighty has helped me to embrace creativity by incorporating an individual’s interests into an intervention to increase engagement and therefore be more likely to produce positive results. Even simple tasks which would normally be pen to paper can be made to be more interactive. In reflection, I used to struggle with this concept at first but now I am lot more confident as it is becoming second nature.

One-Eighty also encourages professional and personal development and provides a constant stream of training throughout the year;  which as a social work student is very valuable for my learning and future career.

As students begin our first 70 day placement we have already completed two human growth modules, so it is useful to be able to put theories such as; attachment and social learning into practice. With One-Eighty, we have received extra training in safeguarding, child sexual exploitation and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy which has helped me prepare for next semesters modules and shape me into a competent professional.

The team at One-Eighty have from day one valued my opinion, judgement and capability. Along with this and the level of responsibility entrusted on me (which has been intense at times) has made me overcome and manage my self-doubt and own values and ethics. However, I will now leave feeling confident and capable in reflecting successfully on my self-efficacy

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