Group Projects


Primary and secondary school

Summer Project

The NSPCC reports that there is an increase in family relationship issues, such as financial worries, young people being locked out of their family home, and an increase in arguments, during the summer holidays. Therefore,
One-Eighty has created and developed a programme aimed at supporting young people over the summer holidays which is specifically aimed at those who have made an improvement over the last academic year, but may be at risk of losing momentum in their success while they are not attending school during this period.

This project allows them to maintain an educational focus, by participating in two educational trips, followed by two 1:1 sessions with a designated key worker. Case Leads have regular check-ins with the family prior to and following sessions, offering support to keep the summer holiday as stable as possible for the young person. At the end of the project, a full report of achievements is provided for the referrer – identifying where targets have been met and key concerns raised.

Transition Summer Project

The Summer Project has been further developed to have an additional element of support for Looked After Children (LAC) who are transitioning into Secondary School following the summer holidays. Following feedback and research, it was identified that this is a particularly challenging time for carers, young people, and social workers (in addition to other supporting professionals) to maintain stability for the young person over this holiday period. 

The programme’s foundations are based on the Summer Project, however One-Eighty also provide an additional two 1:1 sessions (before the end of their year 6 summer term, and at the beginning of their year 7 autumn term) to enable a smooth and supportive transition. The focus of these sessions are aimed at promoting and supporting a positive understanding, adaptation, and start to a new learning environment, giving them consistency with an agency via their Case Lead within One-Eighty. 


Primary school

Make Me Smile

Sometimes children feel like mental health problems in their family are their fault. Sometimes they see their friends getting distressed around them and they don’t know why, or don’t know how to help. Make Me Smile (MMS) explains mental health in an easy and understandable way for primary school children. In a short 1-hour long session, Make Me Smile takes away the stigma of mental health problems, helps children to see how it might be affecting those around them, and offers them ‘first aid’ skills of how to cope with these challenges, and also when it might be appropriate to offer help to their friends and family.

It is a peer-to-peer mentoring Mental Health Awareness project taught to Year 6 children and their teachers, who then deliver the same content to the Year 3’s. The project is told through a story of a little girl who is overwhelmed by her worries. Using this story, facilitated discussions and creative exercises, One-Eighty provide a space where the class are able to share their own strategies and recognise the support networks around them. The pupils then make a creative face to help them remember to look after their own Mental Health and make themselves smile again. All children have times that are challenging and their emotions take over stopping them from moving on through their day.

Following the sessions, the school is encouraged to have a Make Me Smile display that created faces are added to. To spread these new skills and shared learning throughout the school and create a sense of peer-to-peer support, schools are asked to host a ‘Make Me Smile’ day. Each child will be asked to wear their favourite outfit for the day in exchange for a £1. Any money raised from this will goes towards mental health awareness resources for the school.


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