Group Work


Secondary school

Behavioural Education (BE)
[Under development for roll out in 2019/20]

Is a mid-intensity group work programme suitable for young people who are showing early signs of disengagement in school work, avoidance with exam preparation, or early signs of basic social or emotional stress, and are referred via the school. The programme is designed to have a level of flexibility in relation to the topics, in order to suit the needs of the young people attending. It is unique to the group referred, based on the requirements that the school has expressed.

The one-to-one sessions explore the content of the group-based sessions, on a weekly basis, with a targeted approach to motivate and assess the young person’s progress. These are carried out with a key worker who delivers the programme. Typically, the programme works with 4-6 young people in a group setting and runs for 6 weeks. It uses positive peer pressure as a tool to re-engage individuals.


Primary school

Kick Start
[Under development for roll out in 2019/20]

Is a 7-week group work programme aimed at supporting Primary School aged young people to prepare for a productive and focused day at school. Those referred to the project have been identified by the referrer (typically the school) as arriving restless at the start of each school day, and who struggle to engage in lessons. Kick Start supports young people to work through a range of structured activities which explore their senses, and uses mindfulness, through a ‘journey around the world’ each week, enabling them to listen, focus, and reintegrate into their subsequent lesson in a calmer manner.

Assessments are carried out at the start and the end of the programme to monitor the progress each individual makes. Eight to twelve young people can be referred onto the programme, which enables support of a North versus South team to healthily compete against each other to achieve their goals. Resources are provided for each individual to take home and share what they have learned with their parents / carers, which enables them to help their young person prepare for the next day of school with various suggested tools.


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