One-Eighty is constantly striving to see more young people’s lives turned around through positive behavioural change. By always reviewing the latest research and practices to inform our work, we are more likely to achieve this as an organisation and by working with other professionals. Everyone in every setting, supporting young people, has a duty to impact lives for the better.

Anyone in contact with a child has an impact on that child’s mental health and psychological wellbeing. The challenge for all of us is to remember that and to be able to respond if things start to go wrong.
’Children and Young People in Mind’ - Final report of the CAMHS Review, 2008

We know that professionals want clear and helpful training that can be applied to their settings straight away.


Traineeship Programme Launch

One-Eighty have recently launched a new Traineeship Programme, led by Amelia Hartley who joined the team as Team Leader – Placement Supervisor in September.

This Traineeship project has come about through a grant that we received from the Oxfordshire Step Change fund. We are very proud to be a recipient of this funding, which will allow us to widen our reach and create a sustainable and scalable model for growth.

The Traineeship programme will bring a new approach to the training and induction of support professionals, bringing junior trainees on board from Universities, relevant training or employment, and gradually introducing them to group interventions and one-to-one case work. This will allow us to future proof our intervention team, with anticipated progression into more senior roles for the trainees as we continue to grow. We look forward to showcasing this project next year.


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Plus (CBT+)

A short course in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for professionals working with young people.

£295 per person

Each course is 2 hours a week over 6 weeks. You must attend all 6 sessions to complete the programme.

CBT+ is a course for professionals and school staff to learn the basics of how to help children, young people and parents change their behaviour through changing the way they think. 

Participants will have exclusive access to home learning materials to help you get the best out of this intensive course, including resources that can be used in the workplace.

The expected learning outcomes from the course are:

  • To understand the main concepts of CBT.

  • To be able to understand how thoughts do influence behaviours through completion of CBT activities within the group.

  • To practice formulation (how to fully understand a psychological problem) and understand maintenance cycles (how the problem is fed).

  • To understand behavioural experiments and how these could be used with clients to change mood.

  • To understand common core beliefs and how these can be influenced.

  • To learn ways of enhancing clients’ self-esteem and resilience. 


Regulating Emotions

A one-day course for up to 15 delegates.

Many children and young people who grow up in a dysfunctional home struggle to regulate their emotions later in life. This course uses Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) skills, and aims to teach professionals how to teach these emotion regulation skills to the young people they are working with.

This course would be most suitable for those staff working therapeutically with children and young people who would be able to complete one-to-one sessions with them to address their emotional dysregulation. For example, those children who display:

  • A confusion or lack of awareness about themselves and their emotions

  • Fast and intense emotions and mood changes without much control

  • Those who act impulsively or wish to avoid emotional experiences

  • Difficulties keeping and maintaining relationships/friendships steadily

The course will address the importance of:

  • Being mindful of emotions and our states of mind,

  • Exploring regulating emotions

  • Using self soothe techniques

  • Distress tolerance and acceptance


Growth Mindset

A half-day course for up to 15 professionals.

Intelligence can be developed.  The brain is malleable; discover why challenging work is the best way to make the brain stronger and smarter! This day is for all professionals working in academia and within other organisations that work with challenging and unmotivated young people on a regular basis. It is particularly useful for those who provide additional support within schools and have allocated one-to-one time with individuals that are struggling with motivation and daily challenges within their educational provision. 

The learning outcomes of the course are:

  • Understand how intelligence can be developed.

  • Understand ‘neuroplasticity’, how the brain is malleable/flexible.

  • How to detect whether a young person has a Fixed or Growth Mindset

  • Understand how giving students challenging work is the best way to make the brain stronger and smarter.

  • Tips and tools for building a Growth Mindset.


Raise the Bar

A one-day course for staff who support young people aged 11-16, which includes a free 12-session resource manual. 

Raise the BAR (Behaviour, Attitude, Respect) is a training programme for schools and school partnerships who want an effective course that tackles persistent disruption and negative attitudes in the classroom setting. It is underpinned by the Critical Thinking theory and the programme is designed to develop a variety of skills aimed at increasing participation in school life and maximising a young person’s understanding and experience of learning.

There are six key areas that are covered during the course:

  1. Communication and Participation

  2. Valuing Others and Self Esteem

  3. Influences and Choices

  4. Respect for Authority

  5. Emotion Management

  6. Getting the Most out of School



This is a day long training for up to 20 delegates. Delegates will learn about the benefits of mindfulness and how to bring it into their work with young people and families in a day of experiential learning. Delegates will receive training in how to deliver mindfulness to people they work with and resources to take home and use, as well as an understanding of the neuroscience behind mindfulness to reduce episodes of depression and anxiety.


Inside I'm Hurting

A one-day training course for up to 20 delegates with 1 trainer or 40 delegates with 2 trainers. 

This training package illustrates how to create and maintain a peaceful home environment whilst also incorporating some positive learning techniques that help children achieve in school. A One-Eighty trainer presents how each child learns best and demonstrates how children can still learn even when they are normally resistant. Parents and foster carers are equipped with problem-solving skills which they can apply when their young person is displaying issues with learning at home and within school. The topics are introduced in a creative and intriguing way followed by the underpinning theory, and then the skills which can be applied within the foster placements that they provide. 


Keeping the Balance - Training for Foster Carers

A four week programme. The course is aimed at Foster Carers, providing tools on how to keep the balance with your foster child.


External Supervision

One-Eighty have staff who are fully trained supervisors and who provide this service to a range of organisations.  We are available to work in a variety of ways which best fit the needs of the client, ranging from individual target focused support to group supervision.


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