Swim Along to our Swimathon


The pressure is mounting here at One-Eighty’s office as we are busy beavering away for our Swimathon on Sunday 2nd June.  For those of you who do not avidly follow our social media pages, the Swimathon will take place at Brookes Sport, Harcourt Hill, OX2 9AT.  

“But whatever is a swimathon?”… I hear your bewildered cry! The One-Eighty Swimathon is a 12-hour, non-stop swimming event through which we are hoping to raise an enormous £5000 - oh buoy! Alongside our team we are hunting down and recruiting a team of volunteers, friends, family, and other members of the generous general public. 

If you love swimming please consider joining us so we are not forced to sacrifice a team member to swim for 12 hours straight. All contributions are valuable, so whether you’re a finned fiend or you detest taking a dip, please come along! If you have any particular access requirements drop us an email and we’ll let you know more about the available options. Equally, help on the poolside is also greatly appreciated so come and cheer, count lengths, or hold our fundraising buckets.  

If we really cannot persuade you to join us, have a look at our JustGiving page – all donations are welcome! To put it into perspective, £25 can buy us activities for our one-to-one interventions, while £125 can buy us a tablet to help young people learn online in a safe environment. 

To volunteer on the day, click here

Or you can donate here 

Finally, a big thank you to our Team Leader, Amelia, and our trainees, Sophie and Eleanor, for putting in so much hard work, and enough sweat, and tears to fill a swimming pool (not the pool we’ll be swimming in, thankfully) to organise the event.  

We’re looking forward to seeing you there! Bring your best breaststroke…! 

Stay tuned for more One-Eighty fundraising events, including our bake sale on 8th June! 

Rebekah Sammut